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‚ÄčMississippi Valley Storm Soccer Club (MVS) offers a competitive summer league program through the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). This program is for area player's ages 10-19 looking to compete at the next level. Experienced and licensed MVS coaching staff includes area HS coaches and college coaches. The emphasis is on player development and team success at the competitive level. Typically, approximately 10-12 boys and girls teams are formed each year. Seven club teams have won state championships since 2003, including two teams in 2019. Registration begins each year in late October.

    MVS Play Up Policy

    MVS looks to place competitive league players at their own age level whenever possible. However, in some circumstances, players may be given the opportunity to play up in the interests of team organization or if a player is deemed sufficiently skilled, in the opinion of the Director of Coaching (DOC), that he/she may be suitably challenged at another age level. In exceptional circumstances, the DOC may permit players to play up more than two years, but with a statement from a parent/guardian acknowledging that the level of play is likely to be more physical and challenging. MVS offers competitive league teams U11 to U19. MVS accepts competitive league registrations for players U10 and older.

    MVS Playing Time Policy

    While MVS seeks to maximize the potential and development of every soccer player, there is no guarantee of playing time in MYSA competitive summer league. Every single practice provides an opportunity to train, develop and impress. Games are competitive in nature, and team success and progression through the competitive levels of play are focal goals. All playing time decisions are at the discretion of club coaches, who are supervised by the Director of Coaching. Attendance at practice, effort, attitude, as well as the score of a game or league position of competing teams, can all impact playing time.        

    MVS Olympic Development Program (ODP) Players

    The following MVS players received ODP invitation in recent years (birth year follows name). MVS actively encourages club players to participate in ODP as a means of developing their game further and increasing skills, knowledge and understanding of the game.

    Lola Baudek  2003
    Brielle Bierman 1996
    Anna Brown  1996
    Megan Bubbers (2003)
    Brianna Cochlin  1997
    Mitchell Dryden  2002
    Stephanie Harpenau 1996

    Sydney Ion  1999
    Boston Gilberg  1999
    Amanda Iverson  2002
    Madison Merrell  1998

    Alexis Miller  2001   
    Mackenzie Miller  2001

    Sam Naik  1999
    Samantha Olson  2001
    Marina Thompson 2003  
    and many, many more   :)

    The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has been in existence since 1977. The program was introduced to help identify potential national team youth players through an organized series of trials which begins at the district level, progresses through the state, region and finally the national level. The program also serves as a means of development as the players identified are brought together for training and prepared for interstate, interregional and international competitions. The development of the players is taking place rapidly as talented players are brought together for training and competition at all levels. Training and playing with those of equal or greater ability is a tremendous teaching tool. The program is open to any youth player. For more information about ODP, click on the link below.

    League vs. Tournament

    Player development is at the core of the MVS competitive program philosophy. As such, MVS promotes league play over tournament play. In line with the major development models of world governing soccer bodies, here are some advantages of league play over tournament play.

    • Training between games
    • Consistent speed of play
    • Consistent competition
    • Evaluation of performance
    • Greater recovery time

    “Tournaments are fun, but league play is fun, too, with the added benefit of superior player development,” MVS Director of Coaching Ed Hoskin said. “The biggest benefit is that games are more spread out with a chance to train between games on key aspects of play. In a tournament, games come thick and fast with little or no opportunity to evaluate and improve prior performance.

    “There is also a more consistent speed of play in league play as opposed to battles of stamina over one weekend," Hoskin said. "And the level of competition is more consistent in league play. For the dedicated youth soccer player, the development advantages of league play heavily outweigh weekend tournaments.”

    Viterbo University Women’s Soccer Head Coach Scott Pirnstill agrees.

    “The first benefit is that league play gives you a chance to recover between games,” Pirnstill said. “This is beneficial to both the health of the player as well as the integrity of speed of play of the game. In tournaments you may play 4-5 games in 2-3 days. The final is usually a very slow game as all the players are exhausted.

    “Competition in league play is very consistent for each team. You earn your way up and down the ladder and play in the league division you have earned. In tournaments, the competition is usually unknown. Hence, you often have a large ability difference between the top team and the bottom team. In situations like that, the team and individuals usually will not gain as much.”

    MVS, an affiliate member of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, offers competitive summer league teams U11 to U19.

    Refund Policy

    Once registration and payment is received, players will be placed on a team per MVS policy. Tryouts may be required for C1 teams. Player refunds (less registration fee) will be issued in full until February 1st.  Refunds requested between February 2nd and February 15th will be issued less a 25% administrative fee. Refunds for players after they are registered with the MYSA and issued a player pass after February 15th will be processed in two cases only: 1) for medical purposes - unable to play the season with medical documentation supporting the injury (pro-rated from the time the President is notified in writing minus registration fee and the player will no longer be able to return for the remainder of the season); or 2) the inability to place a player on a team.

    Note:  The initial $50 registration fee is non-refundable.

    Sarah DeLacy

    Sarah DeLacy


    Jim  Bertelsen

    Jim Bertelsen

    Director of Coaching